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Sat 04
Brislington CC - 2nd XI
2nd Team
Bemmi 2S Inflict Anniversary Ass Whooping On Briz 2s

Bemmi 2S Inflict Anniversary Ass Whooping On Briz 2s

By Alex Tryfonos
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Filer Upset By 1st Team Selection And Attempts To Mingle With The Superstars In A Bang Average Ateempt To Make His 1st Team Dubut #1stteamfriends

After a miserable defeat to possibly the single most village team in the division, Bedminster were looking to bounce back in the return leg to Brislington.
Without War veteran Macca the "Mecca" and 1st team fuxxer J Shean, Bedminster arrived with a young yet experienced side including Ben "space cadet" Cunliffe who had clearly been selected through the “Son of “ criteria alongside Rob “Stone Cold “ Kelly who turns up when the fuxxck he wants.

Bedminster won the toss and bowled first on a glorious day, looking to turn a weakened Brislington side over on their 150th anniversary and guess what, the writing was definitely on the wall when Bemmi ran through the Briz top order, having them on the ropes at 5-4 with “Big nose” Dris and “the shitter” Duckworth bowling surprisingly good spells.

Duckworth who bowled 9 overs for 13 runs picking up only 3 wickets couldn’t push on through the middle order and decided to leave his X first team skipper Carter a few for the averages, including the Glos Girls offspineer and number 11 batslady who seemed to pan him around the ground at will .....

Clearly the top order had failed against an average Bedminster attack and were deciding to make some shit bowling look like Anderson and Broad in their pomp and
after a rear gaurd action from batters 9/10 and 11 Greek started to panick, moving the field every ball whilst really annoying his own team mates instead of the opposition and even tho he finally got it right Omar “ Mr perfect” Rhandowa and James “Big Time ” Carter continued to spill catches willy nilly by edging far to close to the bat which resulted in them nearly being sparked out by the destructive left-hander who clearly got the better of the Bedminster attack until his wicket was painfully purchased by “superstar ball shiner” Jack Filer allowing Briz to reach 130 in 40 overs, a great recovery under the circumstances.

Bedminsters innings started and ended with anything but a bang, and without 1st team superstars Hughes, Elphick, Russel and Mazon it was a display of astonishing bazzling from Skipper Greek who was clearly worried about his order and playing for himself not to mention the average instead of the his usual motivation “The Mojitos” as his main rival Simon Roach sailed passed him in the club averages scoring yet another Ton in the 3s while Greek struggled to hit it off the square.

The other batting top spot went to Ben “Son of “ Cunliffe who was out playing a shit shot off a poor bowler, leaving him on 9 from 190 balls, Which brought Lewis Shean to the crease who immediately looked to catch and outscore the “snail like” Greek and show him how to hold a bat. After an explosive 35 Shean was out sweeping, ignoring 5th team skipper and trophyless youth coach Chris Giles would not have been pleased due to his strict instructions of “don’t ever use the sweep again Sheaner or your dropped forever” which to be honest for such a gun batsman and sweep shot specialist was laughable.

Omar in next with his 1930s black long johns on under his gear as usual and decided to give catching practice for the next 2 overs being dropped 17 times before he finally got a ball off the square, but in fairness after some choice words from Geoffrey Greekcott at the other end who was waffling on about points even tho the league was in the bag already, Mr Perfec Rhandowa smashed a quick 24 leaving Greek stranded and not reaching his 50 (rightfully so with that shit blocking display).

Bedminster 2s Winning AGAIN with No 1st team Wankxxers....
#No Russel

Bring on end the of season Booze Cruise on ABROMVICHES yought with Greeks robbing fines system coming good ....

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Sat 04, Aug 2018



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Bedminster CC - 2nd XI
Brislington CC - 2nd XI